Surnames found on this site:
Carey, Goebel, Culbertson, Rubble, Thompson, Weisenberg, McGarry, Lyles, McCoy, Lickley, Ashenhurst, Strechenfinger, Pogson, Allborgh, Granny Anderson, Miss Hobson, Nordyke, Jenkins, Wheat, Dunnigan, Wylie, Jonas, Davis, Jackson, Berry...

Places mentioned in this story:
Fritzlen School, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, . . .

What's NEW?
The "CareyLinks" have been resized. I apologize for the HUGE census files. One was over 95MB!!! It's all better now.-03/14/06
Check out the family photo and 1920 Census for Wm. Goebel, Mary Etta's Uncle and Aunt mentioned in the Ralph & Mary Carey Story. Also see the new Carey family photo-"The Careys" are still under construction 03/9/2006

Special thanks to cousins Richard Gossett, Pattie Atchley, John Raymer and to Aunt Betty Sherwood Carey for sending the family tree that I haven't uploaded yet. :-) Jill 02/18/2006

The Story of Ralph and Mary Carey
By Hazel Thompson Carey
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