The Story of
Ralph and Mary Carey

by Hazel Carey Thompson
Dedicated to Ralph and Mary's many descendants.

Mary Etta stood by the window and looked toward the road by the house. This was a very special day for her: Her wedding day! It was October 20, 1910.
She had been ready for some time...anxious for Ralph to come and not wanting to be late. She was dressed in a long brown skirt, gathered at the waist. Her pink blouse with long sleeves and a high collar, she had made herself, with the help of Aunt Mary Goebel.

Mary's long, thick brown hair was piled high on her head, up in back and rolled over a "rat", as it was called. These were made from a piece of cloth, fashioned into a long roll, then stuffed and fitted around the face, with the hair combed back over it. All her girl friends wore their hair this way, high and stylish.

Ralph was born in September, 1890 in Barton County, Kansas. Mary was born in Scranton, Kansas on January 23, 1892. For quite some time they had lived in the same area, and both had attended the Fritzlin Grade School.

Mary looked back at the room. She had made it as neat as possible. Her father's house had only two rooms and one was built of sod. She and Ralph would be coming back here to live after the ceremony, here with her father and her brother, Lester.

Yes! He was coming! She could see the familiar team of horses and the buggy. As it drew nearer she could see Ralph, dressed in a suit and hat. She waited in the doorway for him to drive into the yard. It was about ten miles to Alva, Oklahoma, but the horses were fresh, the buggy light, and the October day was bright and beautiful. They soon reached Alva and Ralph was hitching the team in front of the courthouse.
They were married at the office of the Justice of the Peace, Frank McGarry, and were soon on their way back to the farm.

[Photos of Ralph Wesley Carey and Mary Etta Goebel]