Henry Goebel:

This is Mary Etta Goebel Carey's Uncle.
Photo and obituary provided by Pattie Atchley.

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Henry Goebel
June 11, 1857 - November 10, 1930

Excerpts from his obituary:

"Funeral Services for Henry Goebel

Mr. Goebel was one of the early settlers of Osage county. Born in Louisville, KY., June 11, 1857, he came to Kansas with his parents the following year by the usual covered wagon trail and settled in the Scranton community. With the exception of a few years in Oklahoma he made his home there until fifteen years ago when ne came to live with his brother, Charles Goebel and family, with whom he lived to the time of his death, November 10, 1930.

Few educational advantages came to the children of those early settlers but Mr. Goebel met his responsibilites cheerfully and was always a steady worker and honest in his dealings. The eldest of seven children at the time of his father's death, he was his mother's mainstay in the care and support of the other children."

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